Legal & Probate Research

Beneficiaries of wills, pensions and insurance policies can often be located quickly. Clues to assisting the investigation can be from the smallest piece of information, no matter how out of date.

Relationships can be proved or disproved and if necessary a complete genealogical record compiled from just one person’s details to locate all entitled beneficiaries.

The construction of a complete genealogy showing all extant kin can be an involved process, as we often research families whose ancestors may have been one of ten or more children (this was very common for late C19th families).

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Case Summary – Successfully completed

The death of JB came as a shock to his family. JB was a schizophrenic and suffered paranoid delusions. He thought his entire family was against him and this led him to leave New Zealand in 1980 never to return.

The family spent a lot of money with the Family Tracing Service of the Salvation Army over a period of 25 years but failed to find JB. JB’s father died in 1997. New Zealand Department of Social Welfare tried to locate JB through the Australian Social Security Department but due to privacy issues still failed to find JB.

In three months after being handed the file, I located all of JB’s family enabling the Estate of JB to be settled along with his father’s estate that had remained outstanding for several years because nobody had been able to establish what had happened to JB.