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Tracing Old Friends in NZ and Australia

Old School Friends if you have lost touch, it can be a difficult task to find them especially if you have not seen your old school friend for 10 or more years. We at Lost Kin Research specialise in finding the person you have lost touch with.

This short guide may help you in your quest to find that old school friend. We have included some tips on conducting your own search.

Hint 1

Establish the facts concerning your old friend such as how old are they? What is their full birth name? When were they born? What was the last known address you had for them? Did they have any hobbies or clubs that they belonged to? You will be surprised at what you can remember and the vital clues that may help you find your old friend.

Hint 2

In New Zealand there is a site that number of old school friends that live in New Zealand and Australia have registered on http://www.oldfriends.co.nz/. To search you need to be registered on this site

Hint 3

Many people now use Facebook and post details about themselves in order to get in contact with new friends and old friends that they have lost touch with. It’s a good place to start and it’s free to access once you have established your own account. Also don’t forget the other social networking sites which might also kick-start your search such as: My Space, Twitter and Friends Reunited.

We hope that these tips help you quickly get back in touch with your old friends but remember at Lost Kin Research it is our job to find people so if you need help please contact us.