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Lost Kin Research
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Genealogy Research in NZ, UK, Australia & USA – Lost Kin Research

Lost Kin Research (LKR) is a research business specialising in:

  • Tracing People for you
  • Tracing family genealogies or Whakapapa
  • Tracing People for Deceased Estates
  • Tracing People in Bankruptcy Records
  • Tracing People for Insurance & Pension Companies
  • Tracing People for International Organisations
  • Tracing People for Family History
  • Tracing Property Histories
  • Tracing Companies and Directors
  • Tracing Debtors

Working with us is Simple & Easy

Email us your research request from our contact page. On receipt of your email we will reply. Once you have confirmed and accepted the working budget we will start the research and report back to you in 14 days. If the job remains outstanding after 28 days we will report and invoice monthly until the job has been completed.

Mission Statement

Our particular expertise involves using the latest World database technology plus local, regional and national records, microfiches, certificates, wills, directories, registers, patience and legwork.  LKR's mission is to find people when normal contact is lost - no matter where they are. We won’t keep you waiting we will keep you informed.

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Bruce Garner is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists